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Методы коректировки кармы.

Suraj: Давайте тут размещать конкретные советы по коректировке кармы. Ну вот для затравки из "Pатнавали": http://www.fodian.net/world/bml_en.html 435. Briefly the good qualities Observed by Bodhisattvas are Giving, ethics, patience, effort, Concentration, wisdom, compassion, and so forth. 436. Giving is to give away one's wealth. Ethics is to help others. Patience is to have forsaken anger. Effort is enthusiasm for virtues. 437. Concentration is unafflicted one-pointedness. Wisdom is ascertainment of the meaning of the truths. Compassion is a mind having the one savor Of mercy for all sentient beings. 438. From giving there arises wealth, from ethics happiness, From patience a good appearance, from [effort in] virtue brilliance, From concentration peace, from wisdom liberation, From compassion all aims are achieved. 439. From the simultaneous perfection Of all those seven is attained The sphere of inconceivable wisdom, The protectorship of the world.

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