(incarnation 2) New Menri Trizin

New Menri Trizin

Suraj: Tashi delek dear friends, As most of you know, the new HH Menri Trizin has been selected . Geshe Dawa Dhargyes name appeared from the names of approximately 68 Geshes from Menri and Triten Norbutse monasteries during the special selection rituals. He is one of the most senior Geshes at Menri and has served for many years as an assistant to HH the 33rd Menri Trizin. Now Geshe Dawa Dhargye is His Holiness of Bon or HH Menri Trizen. A La-La-E-Ma-Ho. Bonpos around the world are happily celebrating the selection of our new HH, Dawa Dargye. Rinpoches induction and ceremonial enthronement as the 34th Menri Trizin will be on February 21,2018.

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